Johanna May's Fine Teas

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The Book of Johanna May's Fine Tea

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Artisan Tea
Hand tied to reveal a floral freshness and beauty. Best enjoyed in a glass teapot that offers an open window to witness the agony of the tea ball as it unfurls.
Three Flower Burst
Peach character with hints of jasmine and lily
White Tea
Considered by some to be the purest tea in the world. Plucked in the spring, dried and sorted. No pan firing or steaming, just pure tea.
100 Monkeys
Smooth and fresh with light flavor
Pai Mu Tan
Jammy flavor with sweet notes
White Tea Blends
Apricot Jasmin
Light peachy tones
Himalayan Pineapple
Fun and fruity
Lemon Meringue
Lemon and yogurt tones
Ice Wine White
Smooth and silky with light Riesling and berry notes
Snow Angel
Pineapple and vanilla flavor
Strawberry Moon
Strawberry with chili peppers
Raspberry Ginger
Strong ginger taste sweetened with raspberry flavor
Johanna's Blend
House blend of silver needles, Yunnan and orange peel
White Winter
Earthy, warm tones with a hint of cardamom
Green Teas
Freshly plucked leaves, which are steamed or heated for only several minutes to half the oxidizing process. Then the leaves are dried by machine or hand rolled into a number of styles.
Almond Cookie
Almond and coconut with a sweet finish
Berry Green
Sencha green with blueberries and raspberry flavor
Sweet floral characters
Lucky Dragon
Chinese Green
Pomegranate Green
Pomegranate taste with green tea
Japanese green
Sencha decaffeinated
Sunkissed Green
Apricot and mango
Sencha, lemongrass, chamomile and peppermint
Cherry Rose
Cherry and rose flavoring
Earthy green tea formed to resemble a pellet
Jasmine Green with Flowers
Jasmine with flowers
Winter Garden
Cinnamon and orange taste
Tropical Treasure
Strawberry and pineapple
Oolong Tea

These teas have a withering process much shorter than black teas but longer than green. Oolongs will share some taste characteristics of both black and green.
Caramel Oolong
Creamy caramel notes
Ti Kuan Yin Iron Goddess Oolong
Light cup with orchid-like flavor
Formosa Oolong
Slightly sweet and toasty, a touch of dryness
Orange Oolong
Cirtrus flare
Peach Oolong
True peach flavor
Blacks / Estate Teas
Black teas are fresh, green leaves, which are first withered after picking, spread out to dry, then crushed by rollers to release their juices. This process turns the leaves brown. Then they are fired by hot air to dry.
A hearty, full bodied tea from India
Classic black tea with smooth finish
Darjeeling Autumnal
Third flush with muscatel finish
Lapsang Souchong
Smoked Chinese tea
Margaret's Hope
One of Darjeeling's best known estates. Second flush
Russian Caravan
Robust and smoky
English Breakfast
A great breakfast tea with good body
English Breakfast Decaffeinated  
Irish Breakfast
A stout and robust full-bodied blend
Scottish Breakfast
Malty, full-bodied with hints of oak
Flavored Blacks
Berry Black
Summer berry taste
Baroness Grey
Traditional Earl Grey with citrus and floral tones
Candy Cane
Peppermint and vanilla with candy cane decorations
Caramel Apple
Apple bits with caramel and cinnamon
Chocolate Chili
Chocolate flavored black tea
Chocolate Orange
Chocolate with hints of orange
Christmas Cranberry
Cranberry with a touch of cinnamon and orange
Earl Grey
Classic Earl Grey
Earl Grey Cream
With a touch of vanilla
Earl Grey Lavender
Slightly floral
English Toffee
Black tea with bits of toffee
Ginger Snap
Gingerbread cookie taste
Ice Wine
Sweet pear notes with hints of caramel with merlot taste
Indian Chai
Spicy tea with cardamom, cloves, cinnamon
Kama Sutra Chai
Traditional chai with floral notes
Classic licorice taste
Nutcracker Sweet
Spicy cinnamon and orange taste
Orange Spice
Orange and cinnamon flavor with a touch of black pepper
Pumpkin Pie
A fun cinnamon tea with hints of pumpkin flavor
Raspberry Vanilla
Classic black tea with raspberry and vanilla flavor
Coconut with almond and cinnamon
Strawberry Chocolate
Yummy chocolate flare
Summer's Dream
Raspberry and peach taste
Summer Solstice
Hints of citrus and coconut
Tahitian Tea
Strawberry and peach
Wild Cherry
Black tea, great cherry flavor

Grown in South Africa from a bush and a caffeine free infusion full of polyphenols, iron, zinc, fluoride, calcium and magnesium.
Chocolate Chai
Spicy Chai taste with cocoa
Chocolate Mint
Popular blend of chocolate and mint
Eggnog Rooibos
Creamy festive taste
Falling Leaves
Maple flavored
Lemon Souffle
Creamy vanilla finish
Mint Mojito
Mint and lime infusion
Pecan Pie
Caramel and nutty flavor
Floral and fruity notes
White Swiss Truffle
Blended with Ghirardelli white chocolate
Yellow Plum
Fruity blend
Herbal Infusions
Caffiene free infusion that consists of berries, herbs and spices.
Apple Cinnamon Chamomile  
Apricot Caramel  
Autumn Pear  
Chai Nog  
Citrus Herbal  
Cranberry Apple  
Digestive Helper - chamomile, peppermint, yarrow root, valerian  
Gingerbread House  
Lemon Mango Punch  
Night Cap - lavernder and chamomile  
Pina Colada  
Rose Hips  
Strawberry Kiwi  
Very Berry  

Seasonal teas may not always be available.